Leggings Assorted styles. { I HAVE EVERY PAIR!! } So soft and comfy!!! Clearance sale! $5.

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Small, medium, large. 

95 % cotton. 5 % spandex. 

The most comfy thing I wear!!! I wear them as jammies too! SOOOOO soft and stretchy and the band feels great! I WEAR LARGE.


Clockwise starting with...


1. Black/white with flowers. Peaches, blues, purples.

2. Camoflauge. Army with green, brown and black.

3. Black and white. Elephants. 

4. Navy blue with large vintage floral. SOLD OUT. 

5. Jewel toned paisley.

6. Plaid. SOLD OUT. 


7. Hamsa. Hand. Black and white. SOLD OUT. 

8. Black and white roses.

9. Feathers. Blue, orange, purple. Black background. 

10. Maroon. Flowers/arrows. 

11. Navy blue. Arrows. Blue/peach.